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Date of Incident - Multiple Days ( During May 2015)

Client Number - +1.617.933.5480

TransTutors started a paid campaign to get questions. We participated in the program and was assured by the company professionals that we will be paid. We followed all the norms they communicated and with time, all the invoices got approved. I worked harder, day and night and submitted as many as questions possible with a good intention to help the company grow.. You can check the details beneath.... How tough it was to submit a good question on transtutors as there were a lot of checks and out of every 2 question submitted 1 used to get rejected.

When my payment started to get accumulated, the company communicated that the payment will be released after 5-7 days. I waited for 5-7 days and kept submitting the questions. When the 5th day approached, then they changed it to 7-9 days. When 9th day came, they kept delaying the payment and I am still waiting for my payment today.

I had seen many reviews on internet that TransTutors is a fraud company and does not pay to its associates in all terms but could not believe this. I gave them warning to pay my invoices as they were claimed and approved but no one gives the attention. I did not mean to harm the company at all but you should think twice before working for such fake company.

Obviously, I'll file a law suit against the company but dont know whether it would get my money back. The company even does not share its address on internet.

Question Total Count Approved Count Disapproved Count Request Date Amount / Reference Number

442 442 0 May 09, 2015 08:04 AM $110.5 / #mp_190

848 848 0 May 08, 2015 08:31 AM $421 / #mp_172

64 59 5 May 20, 2015 05:44 PM $14.75 / #mp_492

277 219 58 May 20, 2015 05:02 PM $54.75 / #mp_487

369 330 39 May 20, 2015 03:25 PM $82.5 / #mp_477

357 328 29 May 20, 2015 12:59 PM $82 / #mp_472

226 226 0 May 15, 2015 12:29 PM $56.5 / #mp_357

197 197 0 May 14, 2015 02:28 PM $98.5 / #mp_329

60 60 0 May 13, 2015 08:22 PM $30 / #mp_312

198 198 0 May 13, 2015 02:46 PM $99 / #mp_302

89 89 0 May 13, 2015 08:50 AM $44.5 / #mp_299

233 233 0 May 12, 2015 08:05 PM $116.5 / #mp_274

201 201 0 May 12, 2015 01:17 PM $100.5 / #mp_260

252 252 0 May 11, 2015 05:58 PM $126 / #mp_231

199 199 0 May 10, 2015 11:52 PM $99.5 / #mp_220

192 192 0 May 10, 2015 01:28 PM $96 / #mp_211

196 196 0 May 10, 2015 09:50 AM $98 / #mp_207

414 414 0 May 09, 2015 09:11 PM $206.5 / #mp_199


Ty, Prakhar Apte

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of their ethics and non professionalism. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of labor compensation and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1600. Transtutors needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned labor compensation in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Transtutors. You can also consider other company suggested by the author: Chegg.

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